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We're John & Ashley.

We share the Eternal City with those who are looking for an intimate faith-experience of real Rome, to see the world through the lens of beauty, and to enjoy an unforgettable experience from an insider's perspective. Know anyone?

Just grab your sense of adventure and "andiamo!"


Faith Experiences

Private, curated, unforgettable Faith journeys through Rome - Art, culture, food, day trips

Rome Itineraries


Invite John & Ashley to speak at your next event:

Uniting Art & Faith,

Building a Mission Marriage, 

communicating Christ's love,

Making your Life a Masterpiece,

and more


We are passionate about Rome and all things Italian and are excited to share an insider's view with you!

We invite you to taste and savor the sweetness of truth & beauty in the Eternal City. 

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University professors,

media personalities,



Speakers ...


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"I thought I knew everything when I came to Rome, but I soon found I had everything to learn."

- Edmonia Lewis, sculptor 

What a great time we had with Ashley and John in Rome. Our 4 adult children weren't too keen on the idea at first, but agreed to start off with us and Ashley and John at the Vatican; We had such a good time together, that our kids stuck with the Noronhas for the rest of our 4 days in Rome. That was because Ashley and John were flexible, knowledgeable, gracious, charming and fun. They have so much passion for Rome, for sharing and explaining their traditions that our hours in Rome were memorable and sweet. Their knowledge is prodigious and they complement each other so nicely. Feel free to call us if you want more about our trip.     

— Dr. Stephen & Lisa Stone

I've been to Rome several times before but your experiences helped me see Rome like never before!


Even with my background in Art History, I learned more from you in a few hours than I did in a semester. 

Beatrice Fletcher

Being with Ashley and John was our favorite part of my family's time in Rome. They gave us wonderful and very personalized experiences.


Their enthusiasm about what we were seeing along with their extensive knowledge of history, theology and the culture of  Rome made our stay absolutely unforgettable.



Kristin Elliott 

In addition to John & Ashley's passion, charm and knowledge, the icing on the cake was their ability to interact with my husband and me at our level, while drawing in our children and talking to them in an engaging kid-friendly manner.  

— Virginia Carmody

Woman in vineyard with glass of wine, Rome, Italy.

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