From our Guests ...

The tours helped me see Rome like never before. Even with my background in Art History, I learned more in a few hours than I did in a semester. 


Beatrice Fletcher, USA


What a great time we had with Ashley and John in Rome. Our 4 adult children weren't too keen on guided tours, but agreed to start off with us and Ashley and John at the Vatican; We had such a good time together, that our kids stuck with the Noronhas for most of the rest of our 4 days in Rome. That was because Ashley and John were flexible, knowledgeable, gracious, charming and fun. We did the Jewish sites and Catholic sites and the food sites. (They can also find bathrooms). They have so much passion for Rome, for sharing and explaining their traditions that our hours in Rome were memorable and sweet. Their knowledge is prodigious and they complement each other so nicely. Feel free to call us if you want more about our trip.     

Dr. Stephen and Lisa Stone USA

Ashley and John's tour was my favorite part of my family's time in Rome. They gave us a wonderful and very personalized tour including some aspects of ancient  Rome mixed with fabulous churches. Their enthusiasm about all the sites we were seeing along with their extensive knowledge of the history and culture of  Rome made our stay absolutely unforgettable.  

Kristin Elliott,  USA

I spent nine hours on Sunday on a very aggressive walking tour of Rome. John Noronha is perhaps the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide I have ever had on any tour anywhere. He is a polymath with multiple technical and artistic and theological degrees, and he seemingly remembers everything he has ever read. In the process of seeing the major tour sites, we stopped at this or that church that happened to be “on the way” and that had a Raphael or a Caravaggio or two or three. The art I saw on the day was better than in all but a few museums I have ever visited. Billions of dollars’ worth of art and no guards. I could almost touch a Michelangelo sculpture …  and I swear you could sense  the bones and ligaments underneath the marble. I mean I could feel details that my eyes could not see. I was in awe for the rest of the trip. We must have toured nine churches (“We simply have to stop to see this one!”) and John knew every artifact in each of them. As good as he was, he could not organize the weather, and the rain came down in sheets at the Coliseum. But the double rainbow after was a perfect end to an exhausting but memorable day. (I think John doubles as a personal trainer.) If you are ever in Rome, you should get him to be your guide and make him bring his wife to dinner. She teaches communications at the Vatican.   John Mauldin, Mauldin Economics  

My husband and I toured with Ashley through Ancient Rome, Christian and Jewish Rome, the Vatican, beautiful hilltop vistas, charming piazzas, and the best gelato shop in  Rome. Ashley is totally charming, knowledgeable and a wonderful tour guide. At the end of our visit to Rome, Ashley asked me what was my favorite part of the trip.  I had to think for a few moments as everything was great.  And then I said " You were Ashley."  Ashley has the gift  and passion to bring   Rome alive in every sense of the word.  I recommend taking as many tours as possible with Ashley and John. I did not tour with John as he was not in  Rome at the time of my travels but I have no doubts that his tours are as wonderful as Ashley's. 

Sharon Green,  USA  

We all had such a wonderful time and you made our experience one of a lifetime.  I know that my parents have had a life long dream fulfilled and you both made it such a deeply impacting experience.  I feel that we now have extended family in  Rome, Italy now. 

Rob & Jeanette Hamann, USA

What people are saying about John & Ashley ... 

Ashley and John generously took on our 7-person family with short notice.  Ashley was engaging, exceptionally knowledgeable, and very warm in her presentation regarding the Four Papal Basilicas of Rome.  She provided the history, bringing out the most interesting points.  Inside, she expertly directed us to architectural highlights, theological meanings, and fine art - everything needed to truly appreciate the Churches.  John provided excellent commentary; the tour was faith-enhancing.  After the Basilicas, John took over and guided us around Ancient Rome, explaining the significant features of the Colosseum, Forum, Palatine, Capitoline and more.  We left  Rome knowing that we had made new friends as well as enjoying an exceptional tour. 

Maria & John  Elliott, England 

During our honeymoon stay in Rome, John and Ashley gave us a very engaging and informative tour of St. Peter's Basilica, St. Augustine church, and Piazza Navona, rich with many facts, and their unique personal style. John seems to have a photographic memory, with a deep understanding of the theological and historical facts.  Ashley is very knowledgeable and articulate, and directs tours with grace.  Her hospitality makes you feel right at home!  We highly recommend John and Ashley's tours!  

Craig &  Wenqi Glantz, USA

What a treat to have tour guides who are not just friendly and knowledgeable, but passionate about  Rome!  I was very impressed with the depth of knowledge and the profound respect for the Catholic church.  The icing on the cake was their ability to interact with my husband and me at our level, while drawing in our children, talking to them in an engaging kid-friendly manner.  I highly recommend Ashley & John!

Virginia Carmody,  USA 

I am a travel agent from the  U.S.  Recently, we brought 20 clients for their first visit to  Rome and  Italy, using John and Ashley's services exclusively within the city.  Our passengers were very impressed with their knowledge of and love for Roma, and the passion with which they shared that with us.  They planned customized walking tours that were well thought out and meaningful to our group; and far from typical. The fact that they are native English speakers, AND fluent in Italian was most helpful. By the time our group left for home, they all felt that they had friends in  Rome!  John and Ashley are at the top of our list when bringing or sending clients to  Rome.

Debbie Volkert, USA

Dear John and Ashley, I had soooooo much fun with you guys! You explained everything really well. I had a lot of fun! You helped me understand the history of  Rome. Hope to see you again and soon!!! Thank you for being nice to me! 

Christina, Age 9, USA

John and Ashley gave my nieces and myself a fantastic tour of St Peter's. They are extremely knowledgeable and combine knowledge of history and theology with a deep spirituality.  I am certain they will be able to tailor the tour to the interests of the participants.  They are lovely people who will also give you tremendous tips for the rest of your trip in Rome.  

Janet Smith, Sacred Heart Seminary, USA

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience and education in Rome.  Our two days with John were the best two days of our 12-day vacation.  Both my husband and son loved learning the history and culture of your city and felt that the time spent with John was worth every penny.  We especially liked having him join us for lunch where we could just ask any questions we wanted about Roman History – oh – and the restaurants we went too where outstanding and off the beaten path. 

Karin Roberts, USA

​My wife and I had an open day in our schedule for our trip through Italy and we had heard about John and Ashley’s tours. While we knew it  would be special, we had now idea how amazing our time with John would be. From the moment we met him until 8 hours later when we parted, we were mesmerized by his knowledge and by how quickly a rapport developed between us. He began by simply talking to us and thereby learning just what our interests were. From there we were whisked through centuries of art, politics and religion all tied together in a way that we felt we had actually seen more than we ever imagined we would learn about these subjects.

Here is a man of faith who proudly and unapologetically expresses that faith. A man of such intelligence that I felt humbled yet never talked down to. I would love to be able to express my thoughts and feelings half as well as John does.

If you have the opportunity to visit Rome and can fit your schedule around this amazing man, do so! You too will come away more  knowledgeable and, if you are as fortunate as I was, with a renewed enthusiasm for your faith. But if a journey of faith is not what you are  looking for, fear not, I am certain John wil​l​ ​provide you an amazing view into the history and wonders of “The Eternal City​.​”

David & Pat Howard, USA

Featuring original photography by Ashley Noronha