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Don't bother with hours of arduous research! Simply let us know the number of days or hours that you have and a bit about your interests ... and we'll do the rest!  

 Charming Historic Rome   

One of our most popular experiences. We'll explore treasures of history, architecture, art, and Roman culture in the "Centro Storico" of Rome. Walk the charming cobble-stoned streets and discover hidden gems, along with great marvels of Roman engineering, like the Pantheon. Experience the artistic genius of masters like Caravaggio and Bernini, while soaking in charming local Roman culture. (Approx. 5 - 6 Hours)

 Unlock St. Peter's Basilica   

We'll unlock the complex language of the treasures of the Vatican by interpreting their profound symbolic meaning for you. Explore St. Peter's Basilica and St. Peter's Square, marvel at Michelangelo's Pieta, and uncover the profound meaning of the art, architecture and religious symbology found in this magnificent and unforgettable place.  (Approx. 3 Hours)

 Ancient Rome   

Behold ancient ruins which will propel you back to the birth of the Roman civilization.  We'll take you on a fascinating journey through time and bring history alive. You'll almost hear the whispers of ages past as you explore the Roman Forum, the Colosseum and the Palatine and Capitoline Hills. (Approx. 5 hours - does not include entry ticket)

 Art Masterpieces   

Revel in some of the most reputed art treasures of this city, and uncover hidden gems too!  We'll show you the best of Bernini, Raphael, Borromini, Michelangelo, Caravaggio and more. Learn about the genius behind the work and how to really "read" a piece of art.

 Christian Rome 

We'll visit significant locations of the Christian faith, all shared through the lens of Scripture and history. Soak in the fascinating and authentic story of Rome's deep Christian roots, which are the rock upon which Rome was built. (Approx. 6 Hours)

Private, Customized Experiences of Rome.

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Transportation:  We'll stroll the streets by foot, or can relax with a private car and driver (inquire about pricing).

Catholic Rome 

We'll visit beautiful basilicas and sacred sites and learn about the history and continuity of the Catholic Church in Rome.  (Approx. 5 - 6 Hours)

 In the Footsteps of St. Paul  

Paul was martyred in Rome and imprisoned here twice. We'll visit the significant places of the great apostle from his tomb to his martyrdom.  (Approx. 4 - 6 hours, depending on whether it is done by public transport or private car. Inquire about pricing for a private car & driver)

 Alla Romana, Food Experience  

Learn about what goes into the creation of bona fide Roman cuisine - pasta, olive oil, cheese, street food, fruits & veggies, bread, cannoli, coffee and of course, gelato. In the morning we can visit an open-air food market and shop as the Italians do. Inquire about including tasting experiences. Buon appetito! (Approx. 2 - 3 hrs) 

 Private Dining: Eat as the Romans do  

A once in a lifetime unique private dining experience. We open the doors of our own home and create a "delizioso" Roman seasonal seven-course menu just for you! Learn the science of eating like an Italian and all about Italian food culture as you toast with family and friends and savor local Italian specialties in a real Roman home. Inquire about pricing.  

 From Vine to Table  

Delight in the bucolic Roman countryside and stroll through a boutique vineyard, learn about the art of wine production & enjoy a tasting. We'll visit charming, scenic little towns for unforgettable local cuisine and stunning panoramas too. (With private car and driver. Inquire about pricing.) 

 Enchanted Gardens  

You couldn't dream up these places! We'll take this opportunity to visit two UNESCO World Heritage sites outside of Rome. First, a magnificent villa in the town of Tivoli surrounded by hundreds of whimsical fountains. Then, we're off to explore the remains of an ancient villa that goes back to the 2nd century AD, built to be the summer playhouse of Emperor Hadrian. (Inquire about transport and pricing.) 

 Rome’s Little Tuscany: The Castelli Romani  

Everybody needs a getaway now and then from the hustle and bustle of Rome. We suggest slipping away for a day trip to one of the best kept secrets nearby: the Castelli Romani (Roman Castles). The countryside forms a cluster of a dozen villages speckled with monasteries, duchy estates, and medieval borgos, atop picturesque volcanic ridges and divided by vineyard-filled valleys, panoramic peaks and spring-fed lakes. Most famously, it is the proud home to the Papal Summer Palace in Castel Gandolfo. It also represents Rome’s prestigious wine region and is home to the world-renown Frascati White. The Castelli Romani are considered Rome’s “little Tuscany” where wine lovers, foodies, poets, artists, and even the Pope himself escape the City to renew their spirits. Each village has its own gastronomic and art festivals and have developed a unique personality over the centuries. We might visit a local winery, the papal summer palace, and feast on local specialties. (With private car & driver. Inquire about pricing)

 Jewish Quarter and Trastevere 

We'll walk the ancient streets of the Jewish Quarter in Rome and share about the unique "Ebraico Romano" history and culture, before crossing the Tiber to charming Trastevere to soak in the charm of one of the oldest residential and mercantile neighborhoods.   

 Stunning Panoramas  

It will take your breath away to behold the best panoramas of this gorgeous city! Along the way we'll visit off the beaten path places, all packed with unique Roman charm (With private car and driver. Inquire about pricing). 

 Personal Shopping!   

Whether you're looking for luxurious leather, fabulous fabrics or gorgeous gifts, don't go where the tourists go. Depending on your fancy, Ashley will lead you to classic styles, unique boutiques or the funkiest fashion spots in the city. (Also inquire about Ashley's Styling Services)

Follow the Night Lights

There is nothing more romantic than to see Rome bathed in its enchanting night lights. We'll enjoy glowing piazzas and fountains as the streets come alive with Roman nightlife. (Private car and driver recommended. Inquire about pricing)   


We design Exclusive Experiences for the traveler who prefers a deeper insight into culture, art and history. These are in-depth and aggressive one-of-a-kind experiences, which delve deeply into the history and character of the Caput Mundi. The fee for these experiences is 100 Euro per hour for groups of 5 or less. For groups of 6 or more, it is 25 Euro per person, per hour. Inquire for more information.

 Trip Planning   

We know that trip planning is extra complicated when you're doing it in another country and in another language! So we'll take the mystery out of choosing what area of town to stay in, what's realistic to cover in a day, what places not to miss, and how to best get around town. We offer dedicated trip planning time by phone to help you design your family's dream trip. Cost: 30 minutes - 30 Euro.

 Wedding planning

We'll make your wedding dreams come true to be married in the romantic Eternal City, known as the city of "amore." (Inquire about pricing)