Here you can take a "trip" to Rome through video and
see the hidden Eternal City,
and its traditions, up close with the Noronhas. 




This video we wrote gives you the chance to explore the treasures of

St. Peter's Basilica

up close

Here's Ashley on Italian coffee and gelato on EWTN ...

Below, on EWTN, the Noronha's discuss Caravaggio and explore the theological concepts of grace and faith in some of his most renown masterpieces

A short cultural clip on Italian coffee and gelato

Caravaggio, Part II

On EWTN, we explore the church of St. Jerome of Charity, where St. Jerome and Philip Neri once lived 

Blessing of the animals at the Vatican (January)

Blessing of the cars in Rome (March)

Holy Week in Rome

Good Friday & reflection on Pergugino's Passion of Christ

Pentecost at the Pantheon

Feast of Sts. Peter & Paul at the Vatican (June)

Chistian Unity & Brigid of Sweden (July)

Meteor showers & the "tears" of St. Lawrence (August)

Augustine & his mother, Monica (August)

Towers of Light in Viterbo, St. Rosa (September)

Creation of the calendar! (October)

Dedication of St John Lateran Cathedral (November)

100 Nativity Scenes in Rome! (December)

Feast of St. Cecilia, patron of music (November)

100 Nativity Scenes in Rome (December)