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About our Immersions

What is the Truth & Beauty Immersion experience?

This 7 - 10 day customized program in Rome nurtures people from all walks of life with a special formation experience - spiritual, intellectual and personal - while surrounded by the exquisite beauty of Rome. Our Immersions empower participants to make their lives a masterpiece! The program shares Rome and the faith through the arts and scripture, helping participants truly understand their Christian roots, what it means to live an authentic Christian life, how to peel away the layers and really read art, to connect scripture to the world around you, to live the liturgy, to integrate faith into real life and to spread Truth & Beauty to the world. We create custom-designed Immersions for groups of all kinds (min 6 people).

Where will I stay?

You'll have the chance to stay just a stone's throw from St. Peter's Basilica. A single room in a 3-star hotel is included in your Immersion fee. Inquire about: * Supplements for 4 or 5 star hotels * Double room pricing * Accomodation for a longer duration

What does a typical Immersion week look like?

Here's a sample: Monday - Friday
7.30am Mass
8.00 Breakfast at your hotel
9.00 Morning prayer
9.05 Scripture reflection
9.15 Experience the art, architecture, history and beauty of Rome
12.00 Pause for Truth & Beauty Prayer
1.00 Community lunch with speaker or presentation and discussion
2.15 Themed discussions
4.00 Closing and intercessory prayer

Evening is free for you to explore Rome Notes: * On Sunday (the day before some Immersions begin), you might enjoy attending the 12 pm Angelus prayer led by the Pope in St. Peter's Square. * For week-long Immersions, Hotel reservations are automatically made for Sunday check-in with a check-out on the following Saturday. If you'd like to extend your reservation, just let us know.

What will I gain from the Immersion experience?

You'll be inspired by the living classroom of Rome and see it come to life, as you learn to make your life a masterpiece through formation in art, scripture, living liturgically, Church history, Roman history, and theology, all while living just minutes from St. Peter's Basilica. The Immersions strive to answer the question, "what does it mean to live an authentic Christian life?"

Are there any prerequisties?

There's no particular level of learning or advanced knowledge required. Immersions are customized for the interests of each group.

Who is it for?

Our Immersions are for everyone. We work with groups from all around the world and from every walk of life … CEOs and business leaders, childhood friends, neighbors, or families who want a special bonding experience, to pastors and church staff, church activity groups, home-school groups, professional associations, artists, musicians, art lovers, bible study groups, teachers, and adventure seekers. We customize our Immersions for each group so you get the most out of it.

What's the cost?

2,149 Euro for a week Immersion includes your art & architecture tours, formation experiences, single hotel room, city tourist tax, community lunches, life-skill trainings, transfers in Rome during Immersion, talks, Mass stipends, and all art, architecture, scripture and liturgy modules.

What additional costs am I responsible for?

- Your flight to and from Rome - Your transfer to and from the airport - Dinners on your own (breakfast and lunch provided) - Health and Travel insurance - Your transportation costs within the city, outside of the Immersion hours - Any additional Museums that you chose to visit

Who runs the Truth & Beauty Project?

Click here to meet the founders, John & Ashley Noronha, on the " About" page on this site.

How can I purchase health & travel insurance?

It's always a great idea to have your trip and health insured, just in case. Contact your local agent or contact Nora Puglia at Perfect Immpressions Travel or +1 217.793.3733 If you have private medical insurance in your home country, you should contact the agency
and let them know that you'll be in Europe for a period and gather information about
procedures for using the policy while out of the country. Also, you can look into your home-owners' insurance to see if it covers your belongings and equipment while traveling.

How should I pack?

Click here for the latest weather in Rome. Bring comfortable, broken-in walking shoes. There are no formal events during the Immersion, but we do recommend dressing in a business casual style for the daily events. Also, you may want to bring a more dressy outfits for dinners. Heat - bring sun hats, sun umbrellas and water bottles. Rain - bring waterproof shoes. If you don't bring an umbrella it's easy to buy umbrellas and rain ponchos on the street. When entering churches, it is required to cover your shoulders and knees out of respect for these places of worship. If it's hot and you'd like to wear shorts or something sleeveless, we recommend bringing along 2 scraves, which you can wrap around your shoulders and waist when entering a church.

How much walking will I do?

Rome is a very walkable city and the best way to experience it is to wander the streets on foot. Your Immersion will include daily walking itineraries in various parts of the city. So bring your comfortable, broken-in shoes and be ready to enjoy! Public transportation is also easily available in Rome.

When is payment due?

Payment is due 60 days before the Immersion begins.

IMPORTANT Passport and visa information

Make sure your passport is valid until at least 6 months AFTER your return date or it will not be accepted at Immigration. Click here for information on which countries do and don't need visas to enter Italy:

What's the electric voltage in Italy?

It's helpful to read the below article about the electricity in Italy in order to
understand if you will need a power adapter and/or converter to power your electrical
appliances. Adaptors are easy to find here and inexpensive. Converters are more
difficult to find.
Voltage is different for hair implements (curling irons, etc), so it’s best to buy the hair
implements in Rome. Voltage differences will notaffect cell phones and computers.

How can I get cell service in Italy?

If you'd like data while traveling, we recommend that you call your cell-phone
provider to find out about the international plans they offer. Or, we can assist you in obtaining a plan when you arrive in Rome if you have a GSM (SIM card model) phone that is unlocked.
A typical plan costs approx 10 Euro for the SIM card (a one-time payment) and about
10 Euro for approximately 500 minutes of talk time plus 20 GB of data, as well as 3
Euro for an SMS package. Receiving calls is free. We recommend that you do not purchase any plans from the airport, as they tend to
be very expensive.

What is the meaning of the Truth & Beauty Project logo?

There's a lot of hidden symbolism in our Truth & Beauty Project coat of arms. One of the keys of the Truth & Beauty Project is learning to peel back the layers and uncover meaning that you didn't know was there. Click here to find out the meaning behind our crest:

Our daily prayer

We invite you to pray our Truth & Beauty Project prayer with us: